Our site is coming soon

We are busy building the website and lots of games to help you memorize fun facts. We hope to open by January. Thank you for your patience!

If you are like me, then you are a geek. You embrace your love for knowledge and seek out obscure historical facts that most people wouldn't even consider. Your thirst for learning extends beyond the mainstream, as you find yourself drawn to niche languages that others may not even be aware of. While some may find joy in mastering popular languages, you revel in the discovery of lesser-known ones, relishing in the unique intricacies they offer. And let's not forget your fascination with numbers; while most people may have stopped at their 12s times table, you yearn to push the boundaries and delve into the mysteries of the 27s times table. Your inquisitive nature and passion for the unconventional make you a truly exceptional geek, always seeking new horizons to explore.

You are no longer alone.

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